1991 Geo Metro

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The 1991 Geo Metro Was Estimated To Be The Most Fuel Expensive Car

Almost every year we can expect to have one of the cars which have been released that year named into the biggest gas guzzler of all the cars which have reached the market. Seeing as today’s trends mostly based around large engines which usually require a large rate of the fuel consumption, it is no surprise that a tough competition is going on for the biggest gas spender of the recently developed and sold models. This is something usually be EPA deals with, as they have access to the average gas mileage of almost every car which has been released and sold to this date. It is most surprising and not so shocking to learn that the so-called champion in this area of the year 1991 was exactly the 1991 Geo Metro.
Do these models even get sold?
Now you can expect that not all of the older cars are always going to have a terrible fuel economy. If anything, by today’s standards, some of the older cars might actually have fuel economy which is much better than today’s. It might seem a little hard to believe when you first learn of it, but if we compare the engines from the 1991 and 2015, we are already going to see that the former has absolutely zero chance to make a breakthrough in that area.
What makes this car so fuel thirsty?
The 1991 Geo Metro is a typical old school car which has a weak engine in comparison to today’s models, but instead of having a somewhat decent and acceptable fuel economy, this model simply wastes gas. If we decided to take a look at what is under the hood of a 1991 Geo Metro, we quickly discovered the measly 1.0L I3 SOHC 6V FI engine which could only go as far as to achieve a total of
55 hp.
Are there any other reasons to it?
Even though the engine is considered to be ultimately disappointing for today’s standards, the other reason the 1991 Geo Metro is facing such a bad fuel economy is because it has a very small fuel tank. It can only hold 10.5 gallons, and since the car itself can travel at somewhat disappointing 37 mpg, some simple math will let you know that the 1991 Geo Metro is by no means a car which you will turn to if you’re looking for a lot of fuel and minimal fuel consumption. Even though it was named one of the most fuel expensive vehicles off the year 1991, it still does have quite a few advantages to offer drivers who are still willing to have faith in it.


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