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Old Classics Are Still Very Much Able To Beat The Modern Trendsetters

Even though many people will not be able to believe it at first, the impossible has happened. Older cars are not really in demand today by a modern driver, seeing as so many new cars are being rolled out that eager driver’s barely know where to look first. Chances are they will trip over a great car several times while looking for the ideal one. With all of the new additions and technological improvements which have been implemented into the new models, only drivers with a limited budget are going to look into the older models, for the sake of portability over quality and personal preference.
Who buys old cars now?
It is clear that old cars have been very much disregarded and completely ignored by the drivers who were anxiously awaiting the brand-new series and models of some of the most prestigious car industries today, but a recent discovery revealed that the good old car models which have been literally forgotten by now can actually perform much better than any of the today’s models which have been released recently.
It isn’t even fair to compare these models!
Make no mistake, a 1997 Geo Tracker is certainly not going to be able to beat the Ferrari or a BMW in terms of speed and horsepower. While the cars from the 1997 are definitely not able to brag about spectacularly powerful engines or improved transmission, the one thing in which the 1997 Geo Tracker is able to conquer even the 2011 Toyota Prius is the fuel consumption.
How can it possibly get close to a 2011 model?
Even though it might be unlikely that a car produced in 1997 can even get close to a 2011 car in any way, a closer look at the performances of the 1997 Geo Tracker allows us to see that the fact that it uses much less fuel than the ever popular 2011 Prius is extremely justified by the performances of the 1997 Tracker. In case the drivers already forgot this 1997 giant, it was able to offer the drivers with the 1.6 liter, in-line engine with a four-cylinder configuration.
Was the engine that good?
This engine was able to produce only 95 hp and is connected to a five-speed manual transmission. Seeing as this is by no means a powerful engine in any way, it is understandable to learn that the 1997 Geo Tracker doesn’t exactly have much to offer in comparison to today’s models at all. It simply doesn’t spend a lot of fuel because it doesn’t even create that much power. Still, for drivers looking to find a cheap car with an equally cheap gas option, the 1997 Geo Tracker is like a dream come true.


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