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1999 AM General Hummer

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Origin of Hummer

Hummer was a brand name of SUVs and trucks. It was first marketed when AM General started selling a national edition of the M998 Humvee, in 1992. Gradually, General Motors brought the name and sold three vehicles in 1998, namely the original Hummer H1, depending on the Humvee. The other two were the H2 and H3 versions that were based on slighter, civilian-market GM stands.

Later in December 1999, AM General marketed the brand name to GM. However, it maintained the production of the vehicles. General Motors took the responsibility to market and distribute all Hummers rolled out by AM General.

What was new then for 1999 AM General Hummer?

The car was equipped with standard traction and antilock brakes, complemented with a modified dashboard decked with advanced illumination as well as low-fuel indicator light. Also, remote keyless entry was turned on employing a fresh three-button fob, and the washer fluid reservoir was bigger. In addition, the finer wires fitted in the heated windshield envelope more glass plus lower the reflection. The Hummer's wiring system had been made simple. The alterations for 1999 included two new shades of the car.

  • Pros

The car flaunted unparalleled off-road competency and an uneven appeal.

  • Cons

The drawbacks included inexpensive interior materials, utilitarian nature and poor gas mileage.

Decline of Hummer

After a brief span, GM initiated two of its flagship models, the H2 and H3, and renamed the original H1 model.

AM General continued producing the H1 version until it was halted in 2006, and was signed by GM to churn out the H2. Also, the H3 was produced in Shreveport, Los Angeles together with the Chevrolet Colorado as well as GMC Canyon pickups, with which the GMT-355 stand was shared, which was customized and selected GMT-345.

In 2008, during the financial recession Hummer's feasibility was put on stake and was placed to re-evaluate by the Management team of GM. Instead of being shifted to Motors Liquidation Company as piece of the GM insolvency occurred in 2009, GM kept a hold on the brand so as to probe into its sale.

Again in 2009, one of the China-based producers, Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company, said its decision to buyout Hummer, outstanding Government consents. However, later, it took back its proposal. It was by the February end the GM declared to commence taking apart the Hummer brand.

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