2000 Am General Hummer

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2000 AM General Hummer had experienced many enhancements over its previous models. The car came with a rear-seat audio, a monsoon audio system that was updated, a passenger room that was increased, and 2 totally new colors.

The pros of the car: As per a review from a customer “Highly recommended, and you can get a brand new 2002 or 2003 model for about 60-70k if you shop around.” The 2000 AM General Hammer was good for a long drive. It had helped its passengers to enjoy trips all around northern California and Arizona with no problems. The handling of the car was good enough.

Cons- However, the car was not without cons. First of all, the car was not for the persons who are timid. It suffered from criticisms of being slow as well as noisy. The top cruising speed that was recommended by many users was 65. Many drivers said that they tried to keep the speed under 70. Even, the car’s AC was seemed unusable in a few situations because of heat buildup.

The interior was described by many users as too rough. Maintenance as well as repairs was seemed very expensive. For a 12,000 mile tuneup, it would cost $1200, which was really too expensive.

However, it can be said that despite of its limitations the car was accepted by some of its users. The user segment that has users who were not in need of a daily driver had used the car.  

Insurance was a lot cheaper for those who used the car for occasional use or recreation purpose. The car had been a great fun for users who used it for offroading. Though the car did not give a Lexus feeling, but it had been used by those who could manage a long drive and used it occasionally.

A Short Background on Hummer’s Decline

In 2010, the automotive manufacturer stated that it had been proposed with fresh offers by 2010; any sale became unfavourable as inventory was dwindling, and hummer dealerships started closing down. The final hummer version h3 was rolled at Shreveport on May 24, 2010, following the lodging of the rental-car order.

Finally, on February 24, 2010, Reuters published that the Chinese ministry of commerce had restricted the agreement. However, a spokesperson for the ministry declined the rebuff of the claim, which had been held up for eight long months. It was by the February end the GM declared to commence taking apart the hummer brand.

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