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2001 Plymouth Neon: Small is Beautiful  

2001 Plymouth Neon is a compact car known as Chrysler Neon in Europe and other countries outside US. Plymouth and Dodge are brands owned by Chrysler and Neon is a car that is being produced since 1994. Neon captured the imagination of the people and they lapped up this car that was sleek and stylish and also gave a smooth and comfortable ride. In fact, Neon soon became a replacement for Shadow made by Plymouth and Duster and Sundance made by Dodge. 2001 Plymouth Neon is a powerful yet compact car that runs on petrol and gives a decent fuel economy.

Power packed performance
2001 Plymouth Neon is fitted with a 2 liter 4 cylinder engine that produces a 132 HP of power. It is a front wheel drive with a 5 speed manual transmission. Though there is no Bluetooth and even a navigation system that is common in present day cars, the car boasts of many exciting features to be as popular today as it was in 2001. This car is known for its attractive exteriors and large space inside. 2001 Plymouth Neon is loved by its owners because of superior handling that allows them to drive the car easily in congested city conditions.

New features in 2001 Plymouth Neon
This economy car made by Plymouth has been made more attractive for the buyer with the addition of leather seats and side impact airbags. Another new safety feature that has been introduced in this compact car is the center shoulder belt meant to be used by the passenger sitting at the rear seat. There is even a new internal trunk emergency release system to add to the safety of the passengers during a drive. There are new variants called Sun and Sound and Value/Fun that provide the option of a sunroof. New features have been made available in terms of exteriors as well as interiors. 2002 was the last year of production of this beautiful car but you can enjoy the comfort and superior handling if you can get yourself 2001 Plymouth Neon. Despite its small size, 2001 Plymouth Neon hugs the road and gives a very smooth ride. It also boasts of a rock solid design to make you feel safe during a ride. There are many who feel that it is nothing more than a toy car but you are pleasantly surprised when you find that 4 adults can sit and enjoy the ride in this compact car.


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