2006 Bugatti Veyron

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2006 Bugatti Veyron


The Bugatti Veyron is considered as the most expensive sports car in the world. It is one of the greatest automobile which history has witnessed. In one package its features are most automated and advanced. The specifications which make is unique than other cars are four turbocharged, 8- litre, 16 Cylinder engine which is having 1001hp. 1001 HP is controlled with the help of 7- speed transmission and AWD system. 

What is new in 2014 model?

There are not many improvements done in the new 2014 model of SuperVeyron. Its paint scheme is inspired from old schemes and having a carbon fiber body with some 24 carat gold coated parts especially horse shoes grille and rear badge. 
Super Veyron with horse power 1,600 has been announced recently. Bugatti Company is trying to reduce 550 pound load from body of Veryon Super sports car and trying to convert 8 liter W-16 engine into 9.6 liter displacement, this amendment would boost Super Veyron’s output to 1600 horsepower. These extra features had increased time period of everyone in 1.8 second to 0 to 60 mph time and speed would be boosted to 288 mph.

Specifications and performance

Features of Veyron include 8.0 liter, quad turbo charged, W- 16 cylinder engine (this engine equates to narrow angled V8 engine which is bolted together). “Though there are four valves in each cylinder for complete 64 but in VR8 permits only two overhead camshafts to drive two banks of cylinder that is why only four camshafts are required in it.” Ten radiators are planted in Bugatti Veyron and they are listed below.

There are three heat exchangers which are used for air to liquid inter coolers. 
3 engine radiators are also there one is used for air conditioning system, the second is used for the transmission oil radiator and the third is an engine oil radiator. 

Engine output


“An engine which is Super Veyron is having produces 1,001 Mhpmotive power with 1,250 newton metres torque generation.” Nominal figures which have been recorded are 1,020 Mhp at 6,000 RPM. It has 375 powers to weight ratio.



The maximum speed which was recorded in this car is 343km/h (213 mph). After reaching speeds of 220 km/h hydraulics lower speed of car till it achieves ground clearance of 9 cm on the other hand same time wing and spoiler deploy. To hold the car firmly, red wing exert force of 3,425 newtons (770 lbf) downward.



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