2009 Pontiac Torrent Overview

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The key selling point for 2009 Pontiac Torrent is undeniably its spacious interior.

The 2009 Pontiac Torrent provides a spacious interior and is powered by V6 engine; however it

can’t relatively stack up against several other 2009 compact SUV’s which have better reliability

ratings, safety scores and perform ace. When it was newly introduced in the market, most of

the reviewers agreed that it is a mediocre SUV. The 2009 Pontiac Torrent though has adequate

power, but most of the reviewers thought that it is significantly less inspiring, with sluggish,

numb steering and noisy rough ride.

The key selling point for 2009 Pontiac Torrent is undeniably its spacious interior. Torrent’s

seats are supportive and utmost comfortable, with plenty of head as well as legroom. The rear

seats of the model recline and slide backward and forward, enhancing either legroom or cargo

space. The model has abundant cargo space. Styling is another vital reason that buyers might

be fascinated to this Torrent; its styling is slightly slab-sided and has a stubby front end.

Exclusive Features

The five-passenger 2009 Torrent boasts a standard 185 hp, V6 engine with 3.4 liter capacity.

However it is the 3.6 liter, 264 hp, and DOHC V6 engine in the GXP edition which factually

makes the Torrent to prosper. The GXP package that is available in all-wheel and front-wheel

drive also includes the standard six-speed type automatic transmission along with tap up and

tap down non-automatic shift control, refined 18-inch rims along with 50 series performance

tires of Goodyear Eagle RS-A type. It also comprises a unique hood along with twin pressed-in

aero scoops, and dual exhaust tips protruding out of its rear valance and fog lamps of projector

style leading the front. The suspensions have been turned and lowered to be firmer in this

model. The Torrent GXP attains 60mph from a stop in around 6.9 seconds along with its front-
drive version.

The Torrent’s interior has excellent design, but poor in its execution. It is highly spacious,

versatile, well organized and even family-friendly. There is a dearth of third-row seat and the

torrent is very roomy, in the backseat as well. The controls for radio and A/C systems are simple

and efficient with its rotary-style knobs which can be operated easily. The dashboard is swell

and not as polished looking and rich as some of its competitors. Base version of Pontiac Torrent

comes with a little more than what usually is expected from the small size SUV, such as cruise

control, keyless entry, sound system with six-speaker. The GXP includes the heated front seats

and GXP specific interior and exterior trim.


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