2011 Lotus Exige

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The Exige is mainly for its performance and comfort.”The model is sportier and gives

racing experience on street”. In 2011 two editions were introduced like Exige Black and

ExigeS260.Both are having turbo charged V4 engine to give nearly 257 horsepower. It has 6

speed manual gearboxes along with rear wheel drive. The car is mostly purchased by one who

loves to drive racing car. The ports performance is possible with high quality powered engine

and the luxurious interior. It has excellent grip that can handle the car along with automatic

brakes.”Lotus Exige represents an engaging car”.

Not everybody is similarly enthusiastic about vehicles and rate, but not many can help but

quit and focus in awe as one pushes by. It is something that holds everyone's interest. Perhaps

this is attracted from the reputation of System 1 competitions; it popularly includes some of

the fittest sportsmen and the quickest vehicles. It has a crucial fantastic record having began

returning in Thirties and the excitement of rate has not missing its appeal up to now. For a

common man, activities car rushing is a farfetched wish with perhaps the greatest disadvantage

of game being that it is a costly event; the excessively costly vehicles are not normal lovers

achieve. The Exige is two seated car with rear wheel drive and have many attractive features.

It has 6 speed manual transmissions that are able to shift smoothly nd quickly. It has 1.6 litre

V4 engine to give power drive. However, JL activities car rental are here now to take your

interest to a whole new level and make your goals come real. You no longer have to own such

a car to be able to encounter the hurry of excitement that F1 motorists get whenever they

step into their vehicles and rate away into the range. You can select to seek the services of

our 2011 Lotus Exige, and greatest light-weight top rated activities car. It has a fresh, distinct

and competitive style that instructions regard as it crying through the roads. The motor audio

is amazing at any rate; your breathing is taken away as you get pinned returning into the seat

with the power of speeding. You definitely don't have to be an activities fanatic to have the

wish to encounter something of this kind; just need an amazing soul patiently waiting to be

satiated with an out around the globe encounter.


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