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2012 Maybach Landaulet-The Luxury Car

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The Maybach Landaulet as the name suggests is an exclusive, ultra-luxury with high-performance sedan. The car has royal setting. The rear cabin area gets separated from the chauffeur's compartment with the help of a glass partition. The rear passenger area has given an additional luxury feature that is a convertible roof. The car boasts 620-hp V-12engine; it is five lengths and has extended length body. It comes with automatic or auto annual transmission gear-box. The car has full-reclining rear back seats. The reviews say that it has the best looking interior than Rolls Royce one can find!  And the engine sounds like a thunder storm!

The car has all safety features. You just name it! It has anti-lock brakes and Stability control. It has Front-impact airbags, Side impact airbags as well as overhead airbags which add extra safety.

The car is protected from all sides from impacts. The car flaunts Pretensioners which help the passengers to remain at the seat at the time of collision.

The only Maybach and a convertible Maybach differ. Just beyond mere luxury, the car built for world-leader egos. The giant 62 has an equally large fabric roof.

When it comes to fuel economy the car is little behind its competitors. This car gives poor gas mileage if you consider full-size luxury convertible. It comes about an overall 13 MPG. In city 55% weight given to city MPG of 10, when it comes to highways 45% weight given to highway MPG of 16. This comes to 13% fuel less compared to similarly-sized cars.

While driving in city, Landaulet owners can cover about 291 miles with the 29.1 gallon tank, which is around 3 miles more than the average of that class. If you talk about highway, a maximum range of 466 miles is covered, which are 10 more than that of competitor convertibles.

This model has a twin turbocharged 6.0L V-12 engine, which is equipped to send power to the back wheels via a 5-speed automatic transmission. The horsepower 620 which is no doubt adequate, but there is nothing that one boast about. We all know the average 2012 full-size luxury car which is convertible too has 620 HP. There is little problem with the torque. For this class the acceptable torque is 590 ft-lbs where as this car expectations, at 738 ft-lbs. According to Maybach, it is supposed to accelerate from 0-60 in 5.2 seconds.


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