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The new Aston Martin DB9 is more expensive than its predecessor. This car actually forms a bridge between the entry level V8 Vantage and the top-notch cars of the range.

Upgraded Features

The car has undergone severe revision and is costlier than its predecessors. The price is around £131,995, which is really huge and it flaunts a rousing 510bhp at 6500rpm.

These features make the car with weight of 1785kg to reach to 62mph in only 4.6sec and the highest speed is of 183mph. If you compare that with former models, the carbon di-oxide emissions have reduced up to 333g/km, which is indeed a good news! The capacity of V12 is still at 5935cc along with torque rising to 457lb ft at a 5500rpm.

The car has upgraded to a great extent when it comes to styling. Aston’s designers as well as engineers have been successful to keep the pedestrian protection which is been achieved even though the car has very long, low-slung snout. They have introduced adaptive damping to the overall double wishbone suspension, which has three different modes – Normal, Sport and Track – these modes help transforming the DB9 on the move.

One of the significant feature can be in-built carbon-ceramic brakes as same as with Virage. They help reduce the DB’s weight which is not protected on springs at the same time improving the efficiency of brakes and its longevity. All this happens without any change at the pedal. This feature which will surely increase the driving experience must have made it so expensive.

The DB9 responds differently at different modes. It responds gently at ‘Normal mode’, and as at this mode Sport button is off, the throttle response as well as exhaust noise remain as low as they can.

But if it is changed to higher modes fantastic cacophony comes out of the exhausts, the throttle response doubles and the gear changes become easier. Aston Martin does not have a manual gear-box. With DB9 particularly, customers will not prefer a three-pedal transmission as the six-speed paddle shift fits well with the car’s character.

Overall, Aston Martin DB9 is a luxury car that can fulfil your wish of driving a car that comes with an expensive price tag. However, if you have short of funds but still want to drive an Aston Martin DB9, you can buy used DB9. Obviously, the price of the used car will be less. 


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