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2013 Bentley Supersports Convertible ISR

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The Super sport car have potent and radically styled convertible car, so the 2013 Bentley

Super sports Convertible ISR. The 6 liter engine comes up with 12 cylinders giving sporty

experience. “Ice Speed Record makes it top among competitors”. The six speed automatic

transmission makes the shifting quite quick and smooth. The cockpit shows good

craftsmanship and detailing that is quite satisfying. The all wheel drive comes with disc

brakes for safe driving. The striking feature of ISR comes with metallic luster canvas and

high gloss carbon fiber. The contemporary, materials used in car comes with sporting style

giving new experience of driving. The car is based on pillar Box Red theme giving it new and

different look. The car comes with steering wheel and gear shift paddles that make shifting

quick and smooth.”Now experience a new era of driving with all new ISR”.

Its speeding there was a time also customized so that it accomplishes 100 distance hourly

rate in a moment of 4.8 a few moments. The former one had duration of 5291 mm, size of

75.4 inches wide and headroom of 58.2 inches wide, but the duration and headroom of the

latter one were reduced to 5288 millimeters and 54.5 inches wide respectively and had a

size improved to 77.8 inches wide. The new streamlined kit for the 2013 Bentley Navigator

can be left as bare graphite or colored to match the color of the super luxury vehicle. The

kit contains four pieces not including the new light and portable COR wheels. The top part

ligament benefits a new fender ligament that contains incorporated air consumption and

a lip spoiler to decrease lift in front part side axle. Along each part of the 2013 Bentley

Navigator, GT vehicle is a set of part dresses that help to decrease move as air goes towards

the back at great rates of speed. The back benefits from a new fender with a diffuser /

extractor and air sites to cool the braking system while a larger graphite spoiler rests on top

of the back area lid to generate down force for the back axle at great rates of speed. After

the graphite body kit was installed on the 2013 Bentley Navigator GT vehicle, the team then

turned their attention to the rim and wheel fitting. Here, they opted to install a new set of

COR wheels in a capable design with refined metal finish in a 9.0 x 21 front part and 11.0 x

21 back installation with top rated Michelin Lead Sports wheels for maximum grip.


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