2013 Tesla Model S

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2013 Tesla Model S

Tesla is new type of car in the car industry which has electric engine besides the fuel. Its design is quite luxury type and it not like other traditional cars. It is made especially for the purpose of fuel saving. It has rechargeable battery. It is 2nd model of tesla car. Its 2012 model was also good. There is nothing major changes in it. Its test drive amazed the new persons due to its trendy and new style of driving which uses battery not the fuel. It has stunning look and revolutionary car.

Models and Features

2013 model of tesla has four passenger doors with hatch back door. It is high tech and user friendly car as it is new in the market.” There is excellent cargo space in it which causes the persons to take luggage along with his journey. Many writers say that it is auto native and it is an innovation in the car industry. This model comes with back camera which help the driver take look when parking .it has dual zone automatic climate. There is amazing feature of seven stereo type sound systems with hi tech two usb ports. There is also Bluetooth and audio streaming in it. “It has 17 inch large size LCD this features adds plus point and give car the eye catching look to viewers.” It has optional feature too like panoramic, moon roof, automatic key less entry etc. there is another feature unlike other car which have push button start it has seat detection sensors.

Performance and Handling

This car has one speed drive transmission. Which causes the car a flat drive as its transmission is purely fueled by energy so it has limited speed but its speed can be compared with others car. From 0 to 60 it takes five seconds. it has good balancing because it has zero level gravity . This model comes with single charger with two connectors, its handling is much better than older model 2012

Safety Ratings

This model is not rating by most users because it is not a common car. It has air bag which keeps the passengers safe.4 wheel abs braking system allows the car to stop the car in any unwanted circumstances immediately. There is also rare head air bag. In this model there is better improvement then older one. . However its drive is safe due to air bags and excellent braking system.





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