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2014 Dodge Journey For A Confident and Versatile Ride

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The 2014 Dodge Journey, which basically turned out a couple of years earlier, has adequately made a colossal sprinkle in the normal size crossover business segment, and it’s earned a ton of supporters among the Marion drivers. 2014 Dodge hasn't disregarded an abundance of experiences about the imminent 2014 Dodge Journey, so we'll just need to guess based on how such model has advanced and what little information is out there. This is the thing that you have to expect once this model terrains at our dealership in Cedar Rapids.


The Dodge Journey is a reasonable size, seven-explorer cross breed that is worthy considering for the buyers searching for a family-pleasing ride with an adaptable inside and a focused expense. Basically make a point to skirt the troubling base four-barrel for a much smoother and convincing Pentastar V6 elective.


Since the Journey showed up as the model of 2009, it could see a modestly short five-year generational alteration over to a whole new level. Various vehicles in the Chrysler umbrella are actually getting comprehensive remodels, and some available new stages. Chances are that the 2014 Dodge Journey will confer a stage to the Chrysler 200 reasonable size car as well as the Jeep Liberty, or conceivably the new Dodge Dart.


What the Journey Could Offer


The Journey is now offering Chrysler's Uconnect Access infotainment system. For the most, it is part seen as one of the all the more straightforward infotainment setups accessible, Uconnect Access consolidates most of the crossover's sound, course and climate control limits into a single unit. An 8.4-inch touchscreen is also mounted on its dashboard and serves as the central piece of the schema, yet overabundance gets and handles for air and sound volume and tuning are furthermore included.


Prevalent Srt6 Model


Moreover, an alternate 2014 Journey SRT6 model is happening right now. That would mean unrivaled redesigns like more prominent amalgam wheels, a game-tuned deferral, lower ride tallness, more notable brakes, and an all the more compelling engine. The SRT6 models constantly get either a turbocharger or a supercharger, so we would expect the Srt6 with the turbocharged Pentastar V6 to time in at in overabundance of 350HP, and a supercharged structure to come amidst 300 and 350HP.


It would always be a session of tradeoffs when it comes to buying a family car for everyday use. In this regards, the 2014 Dodge Crossroad simply provides every purchase a big amount of what they are looking for in a car. Provides an amazing list of capabilities and great appearances is not an equivalent of driving passion, but definitely an amazing approach to drive home during the nighttime. 


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