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Honda Finally Manages To Reach Balance With The Civic Series

Honda is certainly on the slippery slope right now. Even though some of the previous models have been increasingly famous and very well sold, it was expected that one of the future releases is certainly going to be a downfall of the car industry. When a car industry hits a certain streak of famous models rolling out one after another, it is only expected that one of them just isn’t going to make it past the standards.
Why was the 2014 Honda Civic considered to be bad?
This was certainly the case for the 2014 Honda Civic. As a matter of fact, Honda has been dealing with placing competition lately and perhaps in an attempt to stay on top and raise the bar even further, they might have rushed the creation and release of the 2014 Honda Civic. It certainly missed quite a few features and details, but luckily the car itself managed to gain the impression of a fairly reliable car.
When did Honda start to trail back?
The unlucky streak of Honda began way back in 2012, when that year’s Honda Civic was released and received a major snowball of critics. We have to be sympathetic towards Honda, because even though the critics were increasingly bad, the car industry still didn’t give up on the model and scrap it. Instead they conducted a thorough review and released a fully reinforced model in the year 2013.
What was the reception all this model?
Even though the speed of Honda’s intervention was impressive, the changes made weren’t quite as groundbreaking. This still didn’t stop the Honda car industry to proceed and work on the Honda Civic until a more acceptable result came out, the 2014 Honda Civic. The reason this car hasn’t been as popular as it should have been was because, after all the changes and attempts to make a decent car out of the Civic, the 2014 Honda Civic does not strike an impression of a standalone car, but rather as the new improvement of the 2013 model.
What can we expect out of the 2014’s Civic
Although, most certainly, much better efforts could of been employed in creation of this car, the 2014 Honda Civic is still going to make quite a good purchase for any interested driver. Its design is impeccable and elegant, and the engines come in three options: the 1.4 liter petrol engine, the 1.8 liter petrol engine and 1.6 liter diesel engine. All three of the options are definitely going to be tied to a six speed transmission. Next to a good choice in performance parts, a comfortable and plush interior is going to presently surprise the drivers who decide to give the 2014 Honda Civic a chance despite the struggles it made to reach an acceptable position, worth of a traditional Honda.


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