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Hyndai Puts Max Effort Into 2014 Santa Fe, Still Can’t Catch Up With Chevvy
The Hyndai car industry has hit the jackpot during this year, reaching an astonishing number of sales on multiple models which certainly didn’t hold back in terms of creation. With one beautiful model rolling out after another, some drivers have been skeptical towards whether or not Hyndai will be able to continue this lucky streak of amazing cars. No disappointments have been discovered so far, except for the one regarding the 2014 Hyndai Santa Fe.
How well was the Santa Fe rated?
Based on the reviews the car has received, the 2014 Hyndai Santa Fe has been the pinnacle of Hyndai’s success. This amazing full-size SUV came with an incredibly powerful engine, which had a 3.0 liter V-6 configuration. Connected to the six speed automatic transmission, it was quite clear from the very start that this car will be able to be a speed monster. And it was. It managed to deliver a stunning 290 hp, although the torque has been affected and decreased to 252 ft –lbs.
Were there any bad points to it?
Drivers didn’t seem to mind this decreased torque. What they did mind was the fact that with a V6 configuration, the 2014 Hyndai Santa Fe has become much more demanding a the fuel economy department, thanks to the increasing power of the engine. Even the slightly unfavorable fuel economy rating, with a measured average of 25 mpg didn’t seem to bother the drivers as much, since this is an impressive fuel economy for a car which is running a V6 engine. The V6 has been known to be quite the gas guzzler.
What else is significant about it?
This SUV comes with a lot of space, which is something drivers have to appreciate. In addition to the already available space, the second row seats can be pulled down and create more of it. The Hyndai car industry has certainly put a lot of effort into every aspect of the 2014 Hyndai Santa Fe, as close attention has been paid to the safety features which include systems, like the blind spot detection and the automatic break system, as well as a total of seven airbags.
How well did it fare against the competition?
Even though the 2014 Hyndai Santa Fe impact with a large number of features drivers are certainly going to love, what seems to be the most surprising fact is that it is still trailing behind the competition. Not by much, the car is certainly a gem among the 2014 cars. But what may strike a bit of envy to Hyndai is the fact that the Chevrolet Tahoe is still holding the first place quite firmly.


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