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2014 Kia Rio, the subcompact with immaculate styling

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Those days are gone where the subcompact cars were regarded as a cheap mode of transportation having basic amenities and driving dynamics. The present day compact sedans like the 2014 Kia Rio are built to appease a line of needs and requirements. Another advantage of the Kia Rio is that it can lodge into any small garage that the city dwellings have in their plans or even the ones without one. Fuel consumption is the next important factor these compact sedans offer and “Kia Rio shines brightly with reasonable fuel economy, an EPA estimated 31 mpg combined, energetic acceleration, impressive features and handsome styling.”
One never expected the Kia Rio to have such high end ambience and lively performance and this subcompact makes up more than one way for an entry level Kia. It has a well trimmed interior that has nice surfaces and comfortable range of standard accessories even with the starting model. The Rio exudes premium charm when it offers options like voice control, keyless ignition and leather upholstery. The hatch version offers more space and for a subcompact the Rio feels much quicker and has the capability to act equal with other cars on the expressway.
One reason that might prevent you from putting your money on the Rio is its handling and riding qualities. You may have to ride busy and it can become absolutely uncomfortable when it travels on broken roads. On the long drive, it could turn into annoyance when you have to put up with the wind and tire noise. You can call the handling capable, but not sporty hence you will reject it for not offering enough entertainment.
We may presume that consumers will pay less attention to the drawbacks, but unfortunately there are other marvelous choices available in the class such as the 2014 Ford Fiesta. It has great fuel economy, sportiness and excellent riding qualities. Even the interior comfort and material are equal to the Rio. It is the same case with the Chevrolet Sonic 2014 model which mixes comfort level, acceleration and similar equipment content. If you are a thrifty rider you can go for the Toyota Prius C with a fantastic mileage rating of 50mpg combined. You have one more choice with the 2014 Hyundai Accent, the mechanical twin of Rio and it offers the same levels of values.
All these options are fine, but when you look at the amenities and styling of the 2014 Kia Rio you are likely to forget the rest of the package and settle for it.


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