2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

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The C class has brought something bigger and luxurious for Mercedes fans.”The look and

features of model makes it stylish”. The new C class is elegant and sleek as compared to

other models. The new technology makes it more attractive like multi finger gesture for

navigation and entertainment. The head up display will show all the required information.

The new engine can increase the power by 20% that shows more torque is generated

while the wastage is quite less. The turbo power will make driving quite easy. The style and

luxurious will surely be experienced in C class. It is the reason that car screams “Let’s drive”.

A variety of developments has been seen in the present year design. However, few people

have belittled on some factors of the car too. Mercedes-Benz C-Class fans are experiencing

the high-class experience of the car and ranked it well. The C Category comes in both

vehicle and automobile types. Having different cut stages, these types also provide an all-
wheel generate. Prepared with a turbocharged four-cylinder, the car gets an EPA of 22

mpg at town and 31 mpg at road. Among other conventional functions, the seven-speed

automated gearbox and a rear-wheel generate also comes with all designs as a primary

function of the car. You get a large record of conventional as well as protection measures

with the car. Besides this, there are a variety of provides as well to update the car. The car

is not inexpensive, but it gives high-class to you. Among the different cut stages, C250 is

the smallest in cost. Analyze motorists have belittled the car for being expensive and for

having less area. However, there are a variety of awesome functions in the car such as its

today's technological innovation, conventional functions, safety functions, and much more.

The conventional functions of the car contain LED operating lights, a tilt-and-telescoping

leather-wrapped leader, dual-zone automated heating and cooling, auto-dimming rearview,

LED operating lights, sound connection, smart phone incorporation, and much more. Not

only sit his, but you can also update the car with multi-media program, protection program,

a complete set sitting program, etc. As far as the protection is involved, the car provides

a variety of safety functions. From several safety bags to accident aware system and from

grip management to stop secure braking system, the car is included with all the functions.

Besides this, there are optionally available protection provides as well. A Road monitoring

and car owner support program creates the car more practical in use.

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