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2014 Mini Cooper Coupe – A Space Oriented Launch for the Year
Purchasing any vehicle is associated with a number of needs and requirements which are being seen by the purchasing parties. All such needs and requirements being demanded are being fulfilled in the form of the specifications being provided for. In the same way, the new attraction by the Mini Cooper Coupe for the year 2014 has been a spacious treat for the ones wishing to buy it. This vehicle apart from the performance, interiors and exteriors is being widely considered to be the best vehicle for the year due to the immense space being provided for.
Features in the Hands of Critics
The features of this vehicle to some extent went in the hands of the critics because of some lacking being found. This vehicle lacks in the appropriateness of the climate control and the appearance of the speedometer. Many people stated that the speedometer of this vehicle has been placed right on the face of the dashboard; moreover the other issue being highlighted was the cheap material being used for the interiors. Usually this big name has never came in the hands of the critics due to the poor quality however, this time the vehicle failed to prove itself.
Excessive Room for the Cargo and Relaxation
This vehicle despite of being a failure in terms of the features is considered to be a success in the context of space. This vehicle has been rated among the top ones owing to the space being enjoyed by it. The cargo space being provided within this vehicle is quite impressive as compared to several other well known vehicles of this generation. However, apart from the cargo space the vehicle also lets a tall person enjoy the space while driving in the car. This vehicle may accommodate several people within it and still people feel the comfort and relaxation in a great way. This vehicle to some extent is a success and to some extent is a failure too but the views are double rated and to conclude the actual demand is somehow difficult to analyze at least till the end of this year.
The Mini Cooper launch in this year has been taking the lead however, a number of choices are being provided by the makers to the people by launching one after the other new and improved versions of this vehicle. Now whether the next version minimizes the flaws or not is something entirely unpredictable.


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