2014 Porsche Cayman

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A vibrant, model-specific font fascia sets apart this Cayman model from its other previous


There are essentially two basic variants of sports cars: the ones with the precision of scalpel

and the other with the subtlety and power of sledgehammer. The 2014 Porsche Cayman

and the powerful Cayman S are probably the best example for the former category, mid-
engine wonders which brake, steer and attack corners with the perfect accuracy. Completely

remodeled for the latest model year, the second-generation Porsche Cayman is larger,

extremely fuel efficient, more cosseting than its predecessor while even managing to be quicker

and lighter.

As its exterior designing makes plain, the Cayman is vitally a fixed-roof type of the Boxster

roadster. A vibrant, model-specific font fascia sets apart this Cayman model from its other

previous versions. Featuring a Panamera-inspired sloping center, the Porsche Cayman’s interior

is more stylish and sophisticated than before, its overall design and material quality certainly

approach the most luxurious car levels.


The instrument cluster tends to remain simple and intelligible with three-gauge design along

with the tach font and center among the superlative sports car tradition, whereas the right

gauge is 4.6 inch TFT screen which could be configured to display varied kinds of vehicle

information. Regardless its handling dexterity, the Cayman is factually a fairly practical machine

and it provides 15 cubic feet cargo room, albeit that space is separated between a front trunk

and traditional rear trunk where the engine could be in a normal car. However, larger items

might not fit.

The Cayman is efficiently powered by the direct-injected having 2.7 liter capacity flat-six along

with 213 lbft torque and 275hp. A six-speed manual is available as a standard, wherein seven-
speed PDK type dual-clutch gearbox is optional. The stick is slick-shifting unit which fosters a

bond between machine and man, whereas the PDK has the advantage of superior efficiency as

well as quicker acceleration. When attached with PDK, the Porsche Cayman can sprint ranging

from 0 to 60 mph within just 5.1 seconds and can return 32 mpg on highway.

The Cayman as with other Porsche models provides a nearly a limitless options of interior

treatments as well as paint schemes in addition to that available convenience and luxury

features. The model comes standard with power windows, hill hold function, tinted windows,

Bluetooth connectivity, heated mirrors, halogen headlights, sport steering wheel, and

comfortable sport seats. The Cayman from the house of Porsche is available with some striking

selection of extra cost add-ons as well.


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