2014 Rolls-Royce Ghost

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The known fact by now is that the Rolls-Royce Ghost is the smallest model that has been released into the market by the Rolls-Royce. Though it is small in its own family it does have the credit of being big in size being 6 inches longer than any other full size qualified luxury yacht. Buyers who are in need of more space could go with the extended wheelbase design which would be measuring more than the base model. This EWB add nearly 6.7 inches rear legroom thus giving more space for the exact use case that the individuals have for more storage area.
Though the name Ghost seems to be bit weird to hear it does not really sense in that way when we look at the exterior. The rear doors, massive front grille would make it look big but definitely not to an extent that it would not be considered as the vehicle that gives better street appearance. Of course the elegance it throws off when on the road would definitely attract the individuals to buy it. The interior would be more appealing for the individuals as it contains the cabin designed to be covered up to the brim. Of course the soft leather used for the cabin along with the fine wood trim would make it completely comfortable from inside. The numerous gadgets that are provided inside of the vehicle would give more supporting reasons for the individuals buying this model.
Standard features which one could count on when evaluating cost versus features of the vehicle are the navigation system, the best massaging front seats, the premium audio system with 16 speakers built into it, rear coach doors that are operated as power closing, automatic climatic control supported in four zones, 19 inches wheels that look awesome on the road and finally the adaptive cruise control. While these are standard features the individuals are given the chance to pick from the infinite set of options which are provided at an added cost to the base price.
For the safety purpose the air bags which could be further explained as dual front, front side curtain air bags of full length are provided along with stability and traction control systems that would let the driver control the vehicle with ease. Added features in the security line are the automatic high beams, night vision camera and head-up display. With all these features this Rolls-Royce Ghost would definitely be the customer choice.


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