2014 Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe

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As per the analysis done on the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe, it has been designed to offer more comfort to the individuals than giving high speed. While the design might seem lovely the drawback is that it is limited to take the small streets and hence one has no other option than to get lost in traffic. However, the coupe is capable enough to take the entire family on ride for long distance except for giving a tough time to individuals driving it especially when they have to take the curvy back roads that are too risky. Accessibility is increased with this car with the flexibly designed rear-hinged coach doors that would give access to the rear seats. This feature moreover makes the model to be announced as the vehicle with stiff body. The other attributes pertaining to this model and make are brushed steel finish given to the A-pillar and the hood thus making the vehicle look pretty attractive.
With the leather arrangement done to all the inside walls of the vehicle it definitely seems to be a lovable car that the individuals would like to drive for sure. The fine metal trim and the exquisite wood inside of the cabin are the value added features that would make the car lovable. The steering is also designed to be outstanding in its appearance with the thin rimmed three spoke art. The fashion designed analog gauges and the spacious seating arrangement done to the rear passengers would definitely make it the choice for the family members sitting at the back.
The other common features that the individuals might go for during customization of the vehicle are the Starlight headlining with the 1600 fiber optic lights, extension of wood veneer even beyond fascia, parcel shelf along with the veneer choice made door cappings. The veneers could be of multiple choice and the individuals could pick one among those multiple choices given to them like the Rosewood, Elm Cluster, Walnut Burr and so on. As part of the customization the individuals are given the freedom to choose the leather color. Minimum of 12 colors are offered for the leather thus giving an awesome choice for the individuals. With all these features this coupe is called as the best glamour coupe which anyone can go with while buying the new vehicle from Rolls-Royce. When compared with the competitors it could definitely be thought of as true uber-luxury model.


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