2014 Rolls-Royce Phantom

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Rolls-Royce Phantom is thought to be the most appealing model as it imposes elegance and aggression both equally with the help of the excellent exteriors. This model being from the Sedan group is likely to give more prestige and grandiosity to the level that the individuals are happy about it. How do you qualify a vehicle to be a Phantom? It is the big size grille that uniquely identifies this model. The badge that is present in the front end of the vehicle is an added resemblance that it belongs to the Rolls-Royce group.
The cabin is literally hand built with the complete pack of 450 pieces of leather which are neatly cut by the computer guided knife and arranged gently by the hand. The interior wood trim is made in a way to give more options to the customers to select their veneer for completing the trims. The manufacturers have taken the best care with regard to the selection of the correct color for coloring the veneer along with choosing the right grain characteristics of the veneer for making the trims. Leaving the exterior and interior in the aspects of looks we should now move on to the functional aspects of the car.
The navigation system in this model is designed to have 8.8 inches display screen with the added features of 3D maps, guided tours, landscape topography and highly interesting enhanced points. Of course one could do a better planning with the composite route planning that could be done by the individuals with the help of the navigation system. The three cameras provided at front, top and rear views would ensure that the driver would not find any difficulty at the time of parking as well as at the time of removing it from the parking slot.
The cabin features listed to be worth spending are reverse hinged rear doors, hydraulic motors provided for the purpose of closing the rear end doors and the pop out umbrellas that are hidden inside of the doors would all make this model to be simply superb and acceptable by the individuals planning to buy a car from the Rolls-Royce family. One other important feature that is more important for the driver is the power reverse dial that would be indicating the driver how much more engine output is left out. Previously it was the tachometer that did this sort of indication to the driver about the engine output. With these exhausted set of features one should feel proud to own this car.


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