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The styles of many Scions are attractive to look at and do not look cheap for the price. Many

younger car lovers like the encased look, huge front-ends and modern style of the Scion iQ.

The front-ends of most Scions are large and have a stage presence which can be attractive to

younger car lovers”. Younger car lovers enjoy displaying off their automobiles, and Scions can

be personalized quickly and at low costs. As specified by manufacturers, “Scions also have a lot

of space so car lovers can carry their friends around city”. In July 2014, 2014 Scion iQ revealed

their new, sportier car called the Scion FR-S, which was targeted at younger car lovers. The

Scion FR-S is reduced in price than most activities automobiles at $24,200. The car is a rear-
wheel generates and attracts younger car lovers due to its price and fantastic style. For the

evaluation, the Scion Sports Vehicle expenses $19,575, while a similar car, the BMW 3 sequence

Vehicle will price the car owner $38,700. Young car lovers who want to buy an activities car but

have a restricted price range are switching to the Scion FR-S.

When we talk about safety features, 2014 Scion iQ car protection ranking is quickly becoming

one of the major aspects that impact a younger motorist's decision on which product of car

to buy. The Scion has gained a €Good€ protection ranking from the Insurance Institution for

Road Safety and gained a 5-star accident protection ranking. Scions are packed with a range of

protection measures that come conventional with the car. Most Scions are prepared with anti-
lock stopping systems, car owner and traveler safety bags, grip control and part layer safety

bags. Customization of 2014 Scion car is another reason for which younger guys are loving

the Scion product. This car from Toyota that is Scions are quickly personalized. Body system

packages, superchargers and other spares are available through Scion dealerships or other auto

body stores. When younger car lovers can be innovative and personalize their car, it is only

natural that they will head to that particular product. Most car lovers want their automobiles

to be exclusive and an appearance of their personality. The Scion product gives younger people

this option for a very low price. Younger car lovers are attracted to the 2014 Scion iQ product

due to their fashionable look, affordable costs and overall attraction. Scion automobiles are

becoming popular with younger car lovers because they look nice without being too fancy and

are quickly personalized.


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