2014 Tesla Model S

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2014 Tesla Model S is a new car in the electric fueling cars. It is unique in style has beautiful and eye catching features in it. Tesla is making improvements in this type of car. Its demand due to electric and energy saving feature is increasing day by day. It has no direct competitor’s .for electric car lover it is the first and best choice. Its energy saving features takes priority on all cars. As product is maturing its demand is increasing. Due to its high tech features it has made place in the luxury cars.

Models and Features

Tesla model 2014 is much better in its series and this car can compete with luxury car with its large size 17 inch LCD which is large and user friendly. It has Bluetooth feature too in it.” It has seven audio speakers and a rear view camera for diver to park the car on safe place. It has also HD radio whose voice quality attract the person who is listening it. “A new feature that is Wi-Fi which allows the users to connect at any place through car.”  There is set detection sensor instead of key or push button this feature comes only in the luxury cars. This feature allows when someone sit on the seat it e4tect the sensor. It has excellent space in the car for cargo so passengers can take luggage along with its journey.

Performance and Handling

This car comes with three different models of motors that provide different horsepower. As early models it has single speed transmission it take only 4.2 secnd from 0 to 60 this is improved feature in this car if we compare with the other cars. Its handling is better than older models. Its electric motor is also improved .these motors are responsive and powerful this model comes with air suspension which provides the comfort drive to the drivers.

Safety Ratings


Tesla has driver air bag which keeps the driver on safe side. there is also side head bag which is beneficial for head in case of long drive .there is also side air bag  for others passengers traveling with driver. It has four wheel disc brakes. Which allow the driver to stop the car in any emergency conditions another new feature that is added in this type of car is child safety lock which prevents the babies to unlock the door during driving. However this model is much better than older one.




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