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2015 BMW M6: New Version to be Unveiled Shortly

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The updated version of 2015 BMW X6 is being planned to be unveiled at the end of this year by the engineers of the German automobile giant. This car was launched by the company this very year. The updated version has however been spotted moving on the roads in Germany. This test vehicle has given all those interested in this new version of the car a look at what is in the offing for them. There has been no major change in the design of the vehicle as it has been built upon the chassis of BMW M6.


The front of the car looks dynamic and peppy

One can easily notice the changes made in the new BMW M6 from a distance. It has a nose that looks like that of a shark, newly shaped headlights, kidney grilles that are much bigger, and the headlights that go on to connect with these grilles. Some of the changes that have been spotted are typical of the M Series of vehicles made by BMW. These include a great front end with big air intakes, huge side skirts and fenders that are flared. There is good news for those who are looking for a more powerful engine. There are news that the new 2015 BMW X6 will be fitted with an updated 4.4 liter diesel engine that will produce more power and torque than its predecessor. It is a result of not just proper tuning, but there have been actual changes introduced in the engine of BVMW X6.


More powerful engine in 2015 BMW X6

According to insiders, the new turbocharged diesel engine will produce close to 600 HP of power. This is significantly higher than the power produced by BMW M5 and M6. There are reports that even the torque produced by the car will get a significant boost from the present 500 lb-ft. There are reports that BMW is planning to put 2015 BMW X6 in motorsport event. However, experts feel that the heavy weight of the vehicle would work against it in such a scenario. Though there have been many changes introduced in the new car, it would be impossible to reduce its weight at this point of time to make it suitable for motor sport event. It can only be achieved by making drastic changes in the design of the car that may not be possible now that this car is about to be launched during Spring later this year. 


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