2015 Volvo S60

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We all know that Volvo killed its V8 like 3,4 years ago and at the present, it is still getting rid of the 5 and 6 cylinder business also. It is great news indeed because the future Volvos will be equipped with 4 cylinder engine with turbochargers and belt-driver superchargers with a number of great technological features. It is much anticipated that by the end of this year, all Volvos will have four cylinder engines which will greatly increase their performance and efficiency also. Talking about Volvo S60, it remains in a striking shape with unmatchable safety scores and the car has a number of great features too.

The Volvo S60 may come as a shock to a lot of people who still believe that Volvo is still manufacturing slab-sided old looking sedans. The S60 is now in its 6th year of production has been updated with a pair of new and really efficient 4-cylinder engines with a rewarding performance. This also proves a point that you don’t need a huge engine to generate a lot of power. “The engine that we are talking about here is called T6 4 cylinder engine that is really special as it has a turbocharger and a supercharger.”

The exterior of the Volvo S60 looks more like a Scandinavian as it may be classified as spare and understated yet it is really sophisticated too. Another great addition is that the design is a lot sleeker than the 2014 model. Talking about interior, the interior of the car makes the car enthusiasts feel like meeting an old friend who had a makeover. From seats to dashboard, instrument panel and everything is pleasingly familiar yet improved in style. We know how easy for the manufacturers of the cars to mess the interior trying to add more features but that’s not the case with Volvo S60.

The new engine technology is called as Drive E and there is an option engine called T5 which is only turbocharged. “The car is equipped with technological features and there is a navigation system on the screen using which you can easily get the directions.” Front seats of the car are super comfortable and spacious and there is more than enough headroom and legroom for the passengers to relax while on a long trip. There is also a start/stop button in the car and it does more than 35 miles per gallon highway and 28 miles per gallon combined.





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