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Acura RDX Makes A Stunning Entry! Will It Outstand The Competition?

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The SUV Acura is planning to launch in the 2015 seemed to be a satisfying choice on a few standpoints. But will it still be a satisfying purchase? Research and reviews have shown that some basic changes should have been implemented to the RDX model, but in the last minute, the changes have been discarded for an unknown reason. Although the latest Acura SUV was supposed to help Acura gain a formidable standpoint in the production of SUV – s. The initial design showed great promise as well as a satisfying fuel consumption ratios, but after several test drives, drivers have reported that the RDX could definitely use some improvements.

The basic RDX overview

The RDX has been introduced as a luxurious design with a spacious interior, built only to take the best possible comfort for the driver into mind. The best Asian teams of interior designers have been employed to make this into reality. However, after several test drivers, the drivers had some serious objections to make. Despite the maximized efforts which were put into the car’s creation, some of the reviews stated that the design is at best ‘mediocre’.

The overall impression of the audience

Will RDX be able to match up to customers’ expectations? So far, the Acura consumers have been loyal enough to follow through the series, so compared to the other SUV’s, the RDX might have a chance to handle the competition and come out as the next desired SUV for this year, at least. That doesn’t mean it isn’t up to some serious competition. Based on the current feedback, the RDX might be able to last long enough after the release.

Major improvements in the sight

From the technology standpoint, Acura had saved the best technological traits available to implement them into this latest SUV.  Although the design has been impeccable and the interior is quite spacious and comfortable, to a point where it has been listed in the 10 best interior awards, some critics pointed out that the vehicle could have used more safety features.

When and for how much can it be bought?

The newest RDX is already available for purchase, and users can look forward to owning one. With a starting price of 38,795$, they will be able to purchase the RDX with a technology package in Silver Moon. That price has been one of the causes for critique as well, though most of the critics focused on the lack of safety methods this car is to own.

What is the future of the RDX?

Though RDX proved to be superior in many ways, the obvious lack of safety may as well put it behind in terms of ratings once more users get a chance to test it out and see for themselves. This might affect the sales and the overall popularity of RDX. 


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