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Acura’s Latest Sedan Might Change The Way You Look At The Brand

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Acura is attempting to boost the popularity of their brand with the all new model. The 2015 TLX sedan is launched with an attempt to match up to midsized sedans of the same sort. Based on past releases, Acura didn’t quite seem to match up to other sedans, and most users were disappointed by their performance. However, the senior Vice President of Acura announced that the 2015 TLX should successfully deal with all of the past issues which seemed to trouble the Acura sedans.

The anticipation before the release

The Acura TLX received some major hype prior to the news of its release, and it was predicted that it should become a “red carpet” model, a powerful car with improved features which should more than make up for the previous misses the Acura sedans seemed to have. The MDX and RDX crossovers managed to increase the number of sales and keep the audience interested, but the overall ratings of the Acura models as compared to the other vehicles of this type aren’t as high as they are supposed to be.

What is the general reception to the news?

Ever since the model has been announced, there have been at least 40,000 online requests, made by users who wanted to have a closer look at the latest information regarding the upcoming model. This would double the number of requests of the same type made for the MDX, which means that a group of trusted customers is still willing to flock around the latest Acura creation. While this is certainly good news, the TLX would need to be flawless and reach a large number of positive reviews to pace Acura back to a favorable position.

What is the TLX’s role?

The TLX, which is going to replace the MDX and TSX, which went out of production, ranked as second in the popularity list of 22 midsize cars in the competition. Even though the TSX 2015 hasn’t been officially introduced to the market quite yet, the results of this popularity poll were mostly based on reviews and test driver experiences.

Has it been tested yet?

The TSX ranked quite favorably by drivers who had a chance to test it out. They claimed that the four-cylinder engine is just what this car needed to gain some formidable speed. It seems that most of the test drivers were pleased with the experience so far, though some had initial complaints about a poorly executed infotainment system built into the car. Will Acura manage to regain some much needed reputation? Will the midsize sedan estimated for 2015 be what it takes to put Acura back to the top? 


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