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The Romance Sweeper of Alfa Romeo 146

2015-06-01 15:26:18 / author: Ben Weir views: 2 / 2627

alfa romeo 146Even you could give Shakespeare a run for his money with the Alfa Romeo 146. Designed with sophisticated looking headlights, a silky-like body design, and wheels to elevate this beauty at the proper height; the Alfa Romeo 146 is sure to delight and capture the hearts of many. Named after Romeo himself, this friend is much more than looks. Boosting a 280 horsepower engine from 4 cylinders with dual exhaust pipes in the back to keep the engine running smoothly, the Alfa Romeo 146 is a trophy car. The purring of this delicate beast is enchanting enough to melt the hearts of all those nearby and send haters back to where they crawled from.alfa romeo 146alfa romeo 146alfa romeo 146alfa romeo 146


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