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Amazing features of 2000 Plymouth breeze

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The 2000 Plymouth breeze is designed in such a way that it becomes affordable to all

Nowadays it’s quite difficult to find something that’s affordable.Almost all the things are

loaded with higher cost.The 2000 Plymouth breeze is designed in such a way that itbecomes

affordable to all. This car is comparatively lower in price, high value vehicle and its blows away

the competition with other models. The Plymouth breeze comes with certain amazing features

like: air conditioning, FM/AM stereo, power assisted steering, and dual front airbags.


The audio system of this model has a nice feeling of touch.It comes along with cassette player

and CD up gradation. The Expresso package associated with this model is the most popular

version. It comes along with interior fabric badging and FM/AM cassette stereo as well.

Safety features associated with this model includes anti-lock brakers and the dual front air bags.

One of real plus point of this vehicle isit’s integrated with rear safety seat for children. Security

features includes panic alarm, head light turn off delay, remote keyless entry and illuminated


Though traction control is not in safety and security features but still it would be nice addition

and theft deterrent security package isavailable.

Driving impression

This vehicle comes with 2 liter, four cylinder engine. With its 132 horse power, you can be

able to merge into traffic mucheasily. This vehicle with its efficient engine is quite acceptable

economypackage for those who have budget limits.

The facilities such as 2.4 liter engine and 16 valued four cylinder engine are worth for your

money with a better package.This engine has 150 horsepower andit’s more than enough to

make the difference.

The bigger engine is provided with fourspeed automatically controlled electronic transmission

whereas the base engine comes with five speed manual or automatic transmission. It has been

seen quite good improvements when it comes to the matter of noise, harshness and vibration.

One of the most important and best features of Breeze is still they haven’t isolated to the feel

of the road. The handling associated with car is pretty good. It quite stable at its corners and

doesn’t get crashed with abrupt changes in brake. It provides good grip and is well controlled to

changeable response. It can handle with the cases like emergency lane change.Itis very stable

even under higherspeed andstrong cross winds. Headlight is the weak point of this model.

This car has amazing look which is very spacious and is loaded with more number of standard

features. Even you can move for up gradation as well such as from CD to power brakes.


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