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Audi 200, the Safari rally winner

2015-02-07 03:07:04 / author: Stacey Lexus views: 5 / 4021

Today Internet gives us a lot of possibilities and chances to try and to see such things, what we could hardly imagine before! It doesn’t matter how old are you, where do you live and can you drive a car or not; all those formalities won’t miss you to feel yourself a cool driver, riding the racing track!
In fact, watching this footage Audi 200 Quattro compilation, I distinctly had the impression that this car hadn't got a great success in racing. However, I had to do some research and learnt with amazement one strange thing. This car became the first four-wheel-drive to win the Safari race rally. It is possible I shall have to revise my ideas about this Audi 200 on several points after knowing it...


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