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bmw 326, or what respectability means

2015-06-03 08:05:07 / author: Aditya Pokharel views: 7 / 3167

A perfect video for showcasing the smoothness of a classic on the road.

Back in its heyday, BMW 326 created quite a stir. The name BMW is enough to warrant excitement among customers, but when you have a video as smooth as this, you don't need to go any further.
It is a brief glance - just enough to arouse curiosity and leave the viewer wanting for more. The classical music helps to bring yet another sense into play and thus guarantees the uninterrupted attention of the viewers, underlining all the classic features of this car - its safety, comfort and prestige as well.
Thus, the journey of one the classic cars are complete. Lovers of this model would want to watch this again and again.




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