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the red devil of bmw 8 Series

2015-02-01 06:08:56 / author: iwriterwork views: 2 / 7194

bmw 8 SeriesBMW to me, have the same idea when it comes to designing for most of its cars. Don't get me wrong, they do nail it when the design is finished just like the BMW 8 Series Grand Tourer we can see in these pictures. I remember watching a commercial for the 7 series for which it was said that the car was not for presidents, but for visionaries. I guess what group of people this car is targeted to this time. Well, what have we get with 8 series? It comes to V12 engine and rear suspension, linked to steering as well; it can save your life if a failure or emergency occurs. I really love it when I see cars with a unique concept with aerodynamic shapes, and I have to admit this car is one definitely of 8 Seriesbmw 8 Seriesbmw 8 Series


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