Bugatti Veyron 2008

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Bugatti Veyron 2008

Driving a luxury sports car is always a dream come true for a number of people, but this luxury is definitely hard to afford. However, there are still a number of crazy fans of sports car who have been buying these cars within no time and the same thing happened when Volkswagen launched the most expensive and luxurious sports car known by the name of Bugatti Veyron 2008. This car itself possesses to be the most exotic package which is being enjoyed greatly by the ones who love to have a sports car.

Unbeatable Speed

Almost every car launched by the well known car manufacturers Volkswagen is usually a perfect piece of attraction that stands up to each and every category of perfection. In the same way, considering “Bugatti Veyron 2008 it is an undeniable fact that the speed offered by this amazing masterpiece is unbeatable and allows you to cover a distance of 233 mph.” The car is well-equipped with the high class quad turbocharged W16 engine offering 1001 hp. This car is considered to be amongst the most smoothly driven fast cars which are perfect for using in both the modes offered by the manufacturer, namely normal and sports.

A Contemporary Outlook

Since this car falls into the category of highly luxurious cars and the demand of millions being charged by the makers makes it fall into a high-profile car which has a breath-taking interior and exclusive exterior. The car offers to be available in two different models and the major difference between the two of them lies in terms of the interior and exterior appearance and not the functionality. The first model known as the Base model is based on the two tone interior and exterior which amounts to two toned paint over the outer structure and two tone leather seats as well.

However, the other model known as the Pur Sang has a single tone leather seating in the interior whereas the exterior features the carbon fiber structure with aluminum. “However, as far as the further specifications of the vehicle are concerned you may have a GPS navigation system, a rearview mirror, mobile connectivity with hands free, and a surround sound system.”

The car is an exclusive masterpiece which apart from offering an unimaginable driving experience offers the owners a comfortable interior as well which enhances the driving experience at its best and justifies the price being demanded.



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