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Cadillac CT6 - Just Too Much Luxury For Today's Times

2015-04-16 17:20:48 / author: Katy Riddick views: 19 / 5156

Cadillac CT6Cadillac CT6 is very likely to become one of the most luxurious cars ever created. Cadillac's masterpiece has not hit the market yet, but it is scheduled for 2016. However, the few pictures presenting it are more than convincing. Both headlights and taillights look alike. They are designed in a slim and fancy manner. The entire shape describes a large and imposing executive car too, while the massive front grille maintains Cadillac's presence and style. Do not forget about the interior either. This kind of interior is probably more luxurious than your own home. You will want to sleep in there even!Cadillac CT6Cadillac CT6Cadillac CT6Cadillac CT6Cadillac CT6


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