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Chevrolet Biscayne Turned Into A Classic Gangster Car

2015-04-28 09:25:10 / author: Katy Riddick views: 1 / 3474

chevrolet BiscayneAll this gangsta rap and Chevrolet Biscayne - enjoy!

This model was marketed to be a full-size car. These days, it represents a classic, especially since it was produced until 1972 only. The car was mostly sold around North America though and represented one of the cheapest cars from this manufacturer. The Chevrolet Biscayne in this gallery is a classic model that was properly restored. It looks brand new. As if all these were not enough, it was also enhanced with coilovers for a low profile, not to mention about some fancy wheels. It is hard to believe that the owner did not add some futuristic accents to the interior.chevrolet Biscaynechevrolet Biscaynechevrolet Biscaynechevrolet Biscaynechevrolet Biscayne


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