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Any chevrolet Equinox for me!

2015-03-20 17:54:47 / author: Kate Delic views: 4 / 3933


I swore to myself that I would never purchase Chevrolet Equinox!

I came back here from the hunt. Well, speaking quite honestly, we'd not come to this place. Instead of this, we had a devilishly cool time with my close friends at Billy's private ranch. (I am so brave, because I write here under a pseudonym, and my wife does not know it). So what? I spent all the day checking my bachelor's friends facebook and Instagram accounts and hoping that no one of them will guess to upload pictures from our event there. And suddenly one of these bad eggs sent me this video. I felt in a cold sweat! The car knows what you write and where you have been. What's next? Microwave oven tips a wink or coffee machine giggles mockingly? Oh, go bollocks, I'm moving the island, going away from all this progress and any Chevrolet Equinox for me!


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