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chevrolet Monte Carlo looks hard, plays hard

2015-02-04 22:13:37 / author: Stacey Lexus views: 10 / 6353

chevrolet Monte CarloSuch practices had increasingly become a thing of the past; these car models are considered to be outdated today. However, the best way to advertise a car seems still to be the same. A hot chick on the hood!

Chevrolet Monte Carlo is a real player of luck. Dealing with a car name that is closely associated with the most famous casinos in the world, with beautiful places, where ladies wear jewelry like everyday robe and men throw thousands of dollars on the gambling table. And only one player among the dozen will be kissed by Luck at this night. This world with a heady aroma of expensive perfume and a lot of luxury cars will ask you only one thing: “Are you ready to race with me?”chevrolet Monte Carlochevrolet Monte Carlochevrolet Monte Carlochevrolet Monte Carlochevrolet Monte Carlochevrolet Monte Carlo


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