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The Morgan Traction - Banger to Hotrod

2015-02-15 17:25:04 / author: Ben Weir views: 2 / 2764

Citroen tractionThe Citroen Traction wouldn't look out of place in 1940's New York, driven by some Mafioso or famous actor. Being similar to the Morgan stable, its historic design allows viewers to look back really at the cars of yesterday with rose-tinted glasses.

But don't let the design fool you - this is not an underpowered car. Just take a closer look under the hood, and you can see well-sized air intakes and signs that this car certainly has the capability to go. Its design, simple for its time, looks like a modern revival of a long-lost relic; the bold red color in these pictures bring out the polished chrome trim, bumper and rims. This car actually gleams!

Citroen tractionCitroen tractionCitroen tractionCitroen traction

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