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The Firefighter Truck’s Brother, The Daewoo Lublin

2015-05-31 01:15:16 / author: Ben Weir views: 1 / 3526

daewoo LublinEver have a noisy fire truck blaze down the street in a hurry to put out a fire? We have all been there, and they can be quite noisy. Sometimes we wish that the fire truck had a younger brother, one that got the job done, but at half the noise. Meet the eccentric Daewoo Lublin. This little vehicle boasts the usefulness of a fire truck at more than half its size. Do not let it deceive you into thinking that it is something else. With its red color and capacity size, it is a mystery why firefighters do not use this Daewoo Lublin instead.daewoo Lublindaewoo Lublindaewoo Lublindaewoo Lublin


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