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The PortaParty in The Dodge M4S

2015-05-31 23:10:49 / author: Ben Weir views: 1 / 3470

dodge M4SThis is a portable party, not the porta-potty. This bad boy is everything but poopy, and the ladies know this all too well. A modern looking Lamborghini imitation, the Dodge M4S, was all the hype back in the old days. This beauty has it all: charm, charisma, flare and an engine under its hood that would put most cars to shame. With an engine that pumped out 480 HP from 6 cylinders, only the ladies of its time knew what kind of monster this beast was. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but what happens in the Dodge M4S, only stays with the M4Sdodge M4Sdodge M4Sdodge M4S


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