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ferrari 308, the Magnum P.I. guest star!

2015-02-01 21:02:53 / author: iwriterwork views: 4 / 5510

Ferrari with no doubt is one of the best car maker in terms of innovation. We choose Ferrari because they produce cars of just our choice thus sports cars, and the Ferrari 308 is no exception. I think this car was a real hit in its days. The video highlights some of the important features as well as the 308 design. An awesome engine sound, a gated manual shifter, a fitting body kit; from the video, you would see the exterior design of the car for which I like so much. Wait at first I thought the video was only showing the design but I was wrong when the car took off. I grew up watching Magnum P.I. in the 80's, so that is why I still love the Ferrari 308!


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