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Keeping in suspense with the honda Deauville

2015-02-01 15:24:10 / author: iwriterwork views: 3 / 4418

When you take a look at the video, no one will tell you the Honda Deauville has been in existence for long. You could even tell that on seeing the cell phone the guy was using as it was a kind of old stuff, outdated and worn out. Could you recognize that cell phone? Who cares? However, the whole idea behind the video is truly catching, I stared at the video in mute amazement! The main character, a snooper, was sent to spy on someone whom I presume to be the boss's wife or girlfriend. The rivalry of Honda Deauville, as well as a cascade of failure events, keep us in suspense. What would be the final, did he succeed? 


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