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The Rebranding Process Of Infiniti QX80

2015-02-12 15:07:16 / author: Katy Riddick views: 3 / 3457

Before 2004, Infiniti QX80 was sold as Infiniti QX56. The change occurred with Infiniti's attempt to reinvent and rebrand itself. The SUV is ranked in the luxury category due to the high-end features on the inside. The exterior looks good too, while the performance is enhanced with the world renowned Japanese reliability. Just like this commercial clearly proves it, you can do a lot of things with an Infiniti QX80 without really altering the comfort. It is the type of SUV that you can ride in any environment. The 5.6 liter engine might not bring in a top fuel efficiency though. So does the rebranded version look better?


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