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Introducing the 2011 Maybach 57

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The sun-king interior and quality serenity of Maybach 57 makes it the ultimate sporty car.


Mercedes-Benz’s luxury brand Maybach model has received subtle facelifts for 2011 model

year. Maybach is intended chiefly to mix it up with Rolls-Royce and Bentley and comes with

stylish design and amazing features. The regular length Maybach 57 is suitable for those who

desire to drive. The stretched 62 models provide first-class accommodations, however it nearly

require a chauffeur.


The 2011 Maybach 57 model includes an all new front bumper as well as hood, rear light

clusters, and a redesigned side mirrors. It is also half inch wider and longer thanks to its side

classing and new bumper designs. Inside, there is a 19 inch screen, crystal styling accents, and

wireless internet as well. The model features a turbocharged V12 engine with 6.0 liter capacity

and 542hp on tap. The only changes for 2011 model is slightly lower fuel consumption ratings

and emission ratings as well.

The sun-king interior and quality serenity of Maybach 57 makes it the ultimate sporty car.

Introduced first for the year 2003, the redesigned model 2011 Maybach comes with some

additional features and it is completely remodeled to offer its buyers something new. The front

end of the model is remodeled and there are great new options as well, and S models attain 16

more horsepower for a total horsepower of 620.

This Maybach car model gets the poor gas mileage for the full-size luxury sedan, with an overall

13 MPG. The 57 utilizes the premium unleaded fuel. During city driving, owners of Maybach 57

can expect to smoothly cover about 291 miles with 29.1 gallon tank, which is 15 miles less than

that of class average. On the highway, owners can expect a maximum range of about 466 miles.

Behind the wheel

Maybach sedans range from leviathan to big. The twin-turbo charged V-12s make amazing

amounts of horsepower. The seats are comfortable and it also offers great performance. The

best-selling reasons for the model mainly includes; its exclusivity, sophisticated amenities,

sufficient passenger space, and its performance. The remarkable features of 2011 Maybach

57 model includes 550 horsepower, five-speed automatic transmissions and auto-manual

transmission type, 10 airbags, and the reclining rear seats. The available engines for this car

model include; 6 liter V12 engine offering 620hp and 5.5 liter V12 engine offering 543hp. Twin-
turbocharged V12 engine is one among the amazing notable feature of this model. The only

downside associated with this model is its poor gas mileage and high cost.


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