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Jeep Compass - Everything You Need To Know In One Video

2015-04-30 11:45:35 / author: Katy Riddick views: 1 / 4272

Introduced in 2007, Jeep Compass is among the first compact crossovers developed by the reputable SUV manufacturer. The production was indirectly announced with a compact car shown four years earlier. There are four engine variants out there, while the interior is extremely spacious, regardless of the crossover profile of this car. This commercial is excellent – it looks good, but it also introduces the average individual to the main features related to this car. Both the interior and exterior are analyzed in small details, so there should be no surprises while test driving the good looking Jeep Compass. It is also worth noting that while it is still at its first generation, it has received a facelift in 2011.


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