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Kawasaki Cruiser comes from Ghost rider

2015-06-09 03:10:43 / author: Daxon Weaver views: 7 / 2107

kawasaki CruiserYou must have seen a bike like this in the movie Ghost Rider. It is not officially confirmed but most probably that the bike is a modified Kawasaki Cruiser on which Nicolas Cage cruises around the world to take off demons. With double suspension and exhaust trip installed, the bike looks astonishingly long and stylish. There’s a lot on can do on this amazingly stylish and macho bike with a little bit of customization; it would look monstrous. However, the bike requires a lot of strength and power to handle properly and gives an amazing ride and speed when there is a need. kawasaki Cruiserkawasaki Cruiserkawasaki Cruiserkawasaki Cruiser


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