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Two-Wheeling A Lexus ES 350

2015-02-14 05:45:59 / author: Ben Weir views: 6 / 4736

Skiing or two-wheeling your car is possible, but it takes some serious practice and obviously not really recommended. Two-wheeling a Lexus ES 350? That sounds like an even crazier idea. Those cars started at above $30.000, which is although not necessarily the price of a high-end luxury sedan, it’s still pricy enough to not try pulling off stunts like that. The car can easily flip over and at the very least we are looking at the body work. Next year’s 350 ES will start at $40.000, but for that price, you will get a full luxury experience. Compared to the high-end cars on the luxury sedan market, this price is actually not that bad. 


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