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Drifting A Toyota Altezza By The Book

2015-03-25 07:41:02 / author: Katy Riddick views: 1 / 3023

Toyota Altezza drifting crazy, Tutti-Frutti bizarre siundtrack and all that jazz!

Better known as Lexus IS, Toyota Altezza has been continuously produced by the Japanese manufacturer since 1998 and sold all over the world. The car is advertised to be a luxury executive due to its elegant shape. While the AWD variant is more popular, the RWD one featured in this video proves that Toyota Altezza can be more than just an executive vehicle. In fact, it slides so nicely that it can make an excellent drift car. Of course, the model in this video may not be in the best looking shape, but it can surely impress the audience with its perfect drifting capabilities!


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