Toyota Yaris 2014

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The Toyota Yaris 2014 for the family


Toyota Yaris is one of the most successful cars manufactured by Toyota Company and is ideal for a family and people who prefer economic cars.” The car is a perfect match for most of the families and provides one of the best features in its category. It is a stand out model and has been successful for years. The Toyota Yaris 2014 has been ever more successful and is again going to capture the market for mid-size family vehicles.


The design of the Toyota Yaris 2014 is simple and maintains its previous look. The car is designed for the families and it maintains the class and sleekness that has always been a characteristic of the car. The exterior has a slightly different and dynamic look which is in line with the changing trends in designs. The aerodynamic look will make the car more appealing and precise.


On the inside, the car is as comfortable as it could have been. It is far more stylish, has an amazing aura and the beauty has increased many folds. There is finally an instrument cluster behind the steering wheel while the controls are much simpler, easy to use and accessible by the driver. The storage spaces have increased while there is more options to place trays and cups inside the car.


The Toyota Yaris 2014 has improved features and has a lot to delight the users this time round. Coming in three different models, one of which is the sporty while the others are base and the mid-level, the car offers a lot.” The six speaker audio system, HD radio, satellite network, USB and iPod compatibility, Bluetooth and hands free calling are just a few of the features. There are then the power locks, mirrors and windows which are all directed by the driver. The powerful air conditioning does the trick for the car and is a major boost.


The fuel consumption of Toyota Yaris 2014 is good and is on par with the economic models. It consumes 33 mpg and hence provides a decent mileage to the user. The mileage increases to 40 mpg on the highway so all over, the car is quite economic while on the run.


The security of the car includes 9 air bags which are a standard which include for the dashboard. The stiff body provides resistance from crashes and the car is safe as usual.

The starting price of the car is $14800.






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